Vízfő educational trail

The Vízfő educational trail – introducing visitors to the built heritage and natural wonders of the area – begins right by our mills. The trail passes the Vízfő spring powering our water mill and the Spring House recently placed under monument protection – referred to locally as ’The Mushroom’. The House of Mecsek is next on the trail, where an introduction into the world of underground caves in the Mecsek Hills is offered. Adventurous visitors can even partake in an underground geography lesson, or in a guided tour exploring the caves under the leadership of the local cavers. More information and registration at the House of Mecsek.
The current educational trail will be redesigned for 2019, and will lead visitors on a new path through the nature-protected wetland of alder trees to the Vízfő spring and the House of Mecsek.