Horse-driven mill

Our horse-driven mill, close to two centuries old, once stood in Mékényes in northern Baranya county and functioned until the 1950s. The milling structure was transplanted in 1974 to Orfű and rebuilt inside its present home, an exact replica of the mill building in Mékényes. Traditionally, the millstones of the dry mill were powered by horses who were attached to the treadwheel.
From the milled grist, flour was sieved using a linen tube sieve. Here, in the building of the dry mill anyone can try their hand at turning one of the oldest instruments of grinding: by turning the handmill you can experience the way our ancestors ground cereals.
Next to the milling structure we have an interesting rarity on display: the gigantic oil press with its one-and-a-half-tonne wooden beams, which were pressed together to extract precious oils from seeds and vegetables.